The Engineer’s Collaborate To Innovate awards (C2I) was established to uncover and celebrate great examples of technology-led engineering collaboration across a range of different disciplines and sectors. It’s fair to say that it’s more than delivered on this vision, and has regularly uncovered a fresh pipeline of innovations, showcasing the UK’s strength and breadth in cross-disciplinary collaboration, and providing plenty of reasons to optimistic about the future of UK engineering.

Entries for 2022 are now open!

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Rules and guidelines for entry

Entries for 2022 are open!

In order for your submission to be considered, please adhere to the following rules and general guidelines for entry:

What our judges' say...

“The encouraging thing is the response we’ve seen in difficult times – which has been equal to prior years. We’re not seeing a dip in applications or the quality of those applications. It’s been a real challenge to differentiate between some really good submissions. I’m encouraged and heartened by the capability we have as a nation – and that makes me think that the future is secure.”

Neil McDougall - Managing Director, Frazer-Nash Consultancy

“What struck me was the breadth of entries. Our communities are addressing the problems of today and tomorrow – and they’re looking at the immediate things to do with COVID this year - but they have also thought long term, and are really addressing societal challenges”

Sam Francis - EPSRC Deputy Director- Research Base

“I was impressed by the breadth of applications and the endeavor and collaboration shown in what are quite challenging times at the moment. It’s my third year doing this and year on year you can definitely see the progression in terms of new ideas and applications of technology. People are still finding new ways to think about things.”

Steve Penver – Head of data and Analytics, Babcock International Group

“We’ve all had a very challenging year – but innovation has endured and prospered – and it’s really heartening to see that that human spirit and that desire to improve lives and make the world better is still there and is still flourishing. It’s really inspiring to see that people have taken on the extra burdens that have been given to them but have continued to think about the future and innovate and dream.”

Abbie Hutty - STM and GTM Delivery Manager and Structure Supplier Operations Manager, ExoMars Rover Project at Airbus

“I’ve been really impressed by the breadth of applications this year. The medical sector has really come to light, particularly given the challenges around COVID.”

John Halton – Director, Business & Industry, Engineering UK

“This year’s entries show that even under challenging circumstances, innovation remains in good health across a wide range of traditional and non-traditional areas to address society’s challenging needs.”

Alan Newby – Director Aerospace Technology and Future Programmes, Rolls-Royce Plc

“I was struck by the real diversity of entries and I was pleased that that had remained the case in this most unusual of years. The most exciting entries for me were those that brought together people who in the past wouldn’t necessarily have talked to each other because they were coming from different sectors – and that holds real potential for innovation in this country in the longer term. The thing that I think we should all celebrate is that so many of the entries are about making life better for people – yes more productive, faster and cheaper – but also better for human beings and the way that we occupy this planet of ours. These are great projects and they absolutely matter to us as individuals.”

Rosa Wilkinson - Director of Communications, High Value Manufacturing Catapult

“This has been a year of extraordinary challenges – but what we’ve got here is a fantastic competition with some great entries and incredible diversity. What’s really come to the forefront this year is the whole area of energy and environment and healthcare which gives a great illustration of how engineering has a bearing on all aspects of society “

Professor Andy Wright – Director Strategic Technology, BAE Systems Programmes and Support

And the winners....

"As a growing business, for AEM to be recognised alongside some of the biggest names in UK industry was a fantastic boost. Winning both the Automotive and Grand Prix awards has also helped boost our profile, bringing in customers from as far away as South America and Australia."

Mike Woodcock – Chief Commercial Officer, Advanced Electric Machine Ltd