Welcome to The Engineer’s 2020 Collaborate To Innovate (C2I) Awards

Are you involved in a UK-led engineering project with genuine innovation at its core? Are you collaborating with partners from other organisations or research groups to achieve this? 

If so, now’s your chance to let the wider world know about your success and get the recognition you deserve, as The Engineer’s 2020 Collaborate to Innovate (C2I) Awards opens for entries.

Now in its fifth year, C2I was established to uncover and celebrate some of the UK’s most innovative and inspiring examples of engineering collaboration. 

Previous winners have included life-saving medical devices, ground-breaking autonomous vehicle projects, key innovations in the area of clean power generation, and disruptive advances in aerospace technology. 

The competition is open to any member of a collaborative engineering team. So, whether you’re a major OEM, nimble SME, or academic research group we’d love to hear from you. 

As in previous years, entries will be judged by a panel of some of the UK’s leading engineers, and the winners will be announced in early November at a special awards party in London.

Entries are due to open shortly so watch this space...

Jon Excell
The Engineer


Rules and guidelines for entry

In order for your submission to be considered, please adhere to the following rules and general guidelines for entry:

  • The Engineer Collaborate to Innovate Awards are open to any group, whether from academia or industry, that is - or has been - engaged in a successful collaborative engineering project.
  • The project must represent a collaboration between at least two teams from different organisations; teams may be from, for example, companies, universities or research organisations.
  • In order to attract entries from an as diverse and cross-disciplinary group as possible entries will be invited from projects which address engineering challenges related to the following broad themes:
  1. Automotive
  2. Aerospace, Defence & Security
  3. Information, Data & Connectivity
  4. Healthcare & Medical
  5. Energy & Environment
  6. Manufacturing Technology
  7. Young Innovator
  8. Academic Innovator

  • For entries into the Young Innovator category, the project must represent collaboration between a business and a specific school.
  • Academic Innovator entries must be able to demonstrate sustained innovation and collaboration with academic and business partners across multiple projects.
  • Shortlisted projects will meet the following criteria:
  1. They must be genuinely Innovative (i.e. represent a new technology or a new application of technology
  2. They must be a true collaboration between 2 or more teams (i.e. not a collaboration between different teams from the same organisation)
  3. They must have an expected or demonstrable impact in their application area
  • At least one partner must have a presence in the UK.
  • Companies may enter more than one category as appropriate.
  • Unless stated otherwise in category criteria, the awards are judging performance from January 2019 to present; the project may be ongoing or completed within the last 15 months.
  • The judging panel reserves the right to move entries from one category to another if they feel it is more appropriate. However, they cannot be expected to routinely re-categorise incorrectly entered projects. The judges' decision is final.
  • Sponsors are not permitted to enter any category that they are sponsoring.
  • All entries must be submitted by the entry deadline. Entries will not be considered fully submitted until the entrant proceeds to the final stage and submits their entry. A confirmation email will be received once complete.
  • Entries may be edited up until the point of 'submission'.
The deadline for entry is Friday 10th July 2020
  • All submissions must be made online through the online entry portal and the requested information must be supplied within the entry form. Any information not provided via the online form will not be passed to the judges.
  • In all cases, the judges are looking for concise written submissions and your entry should cover as many of the listed criteria as possible.
  • Please keep the word count within the stipulations per category. Please note that the judging panel reserves the right to penalise entries exceeding the word limit.
  • Please read the relevant category criteria to establish what type of supporting material should be included, if any.
  • Digital uploads may take a variety of formats e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or jpeg file. Please ensure that uploaded logos, video andany supporting files follow the supporting material guidelines and together do not exceed the maximum upload limit of 10MB per entry. Please note when uploading supporting material file names must not include any 'special' characters e.g. _ / ( ) & * ".
  • Where websites/links form part of an entry, please ensure any URLs, access details, usernames and passwords needed for judging are supplied, that they work, and that they will continue to work until September 2019. Sites that cannot be viewed will be eliminated from the judging.
  • The Awards team are not responsible for retaining any supporting material for collection, unless the entrant specifically requests this by email.
  • Please note that if your entry is shortlisted, the information in your written submission may be included in any event collateral; there is an opportunity on the online form for you to identify confidential information (which is made available for the purposes of judging ONLY) – this should be included in the ‘Confidential Information’ section online.
  • Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to identify your entry as ‘Not for Publication’ in which case none of your entry will be used in event collateral.
  • All entrants must supply all contact details as requested in the online form for a main point of contact we can approach should the entry require any further clarification.
  • In the event that your entry is shortlisted, all entry form details e.g. Main Partner name / Collaborating Partner names as completed in the online entry process will be used on Awards collateral (e.g. Website, Awards graphics, Awards Supplement, and in the event that your entry wins, on the trophy). Copy will adhere to the brand’s house style.
  • Please ensure that the information submitted is accurate and the correct companies are credited as appropriate. We accept no responsibility for any incorrectly submitted information.
  • Agreement of all parties involved in the project should be secured before entering.
Shortlisted entrants will be contacted in September 2020 and invited to attend the Winners’ party in November 2020.